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My name is Keld Lisby Hansen - and I am a knife maker.

I live on a disused farm approx. 10. km. east of Viborg in central Jutland.

I started making knives once in the early 1990s when I had to use a knife for scouts. It caught me and I made one more and then one more and so on.

In the beginning, I read all the literature I could find in the library and tried it out. Later I have participated in several courses with some of the best knife makers and I have also held knife courses myself.

I make all the parts for my knives myself. In the beginning, I forged my own blades in "old-fashioned" manners - with anvil and ace. Now I have switched to sharpening the blades on my home-built belt sander.

I never make two knives that are the same. I make all the parts on my knives myself, from damask knife blades to shafts and leather sheaths.

I make utility knives and use only the best materials. I use materials such as mammoth tusk, clean wire, elk wire, exotic and Nordic woods, stabilized wood and metals such as silver, bronze and nickel silver etc.

In the 3rd edition of the knife magazine in 2017, there was a knife maker portrait of me.

You can see and read the portrait as a PDF file here

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